Beach Boys: Surfin’ Success (FULL DOCUMENTARY)

The Beach Boys are one of he most iconic bands in history, having sold over 100 million records worldwide since their formation in the early sixties. This is their definitive story. The group, 3 brothers Brian, Carl and Dennis alongside their cousin Mike Love and friend Al Jardine signed to Capitol Records in 1962. Known for their distinctive vocal harmonies they went on to release their ground breaking album Pet Sounds in 1966, followed by Good Vibrations, one of their all time greatest songs. This amazing documentary covers their achievements with Pet Sounds but also deals with the difficulties Brian Wilson had with the drugs and the subsequent unreleased Smile album. This album, also called Teenage Symphony to God by Wilson, was said to be the greatest unreleased album ever made and in this film Brian describes the making of Smile as a period of craziness. At the end of the 60’s the band looked to Europe, and in particular it was England that embraced them, where they toured and released new albums for many more years. Included in the program are very insightful and personal interviews with Brian, Carl and Dennis Wilson, Mike Love, Al Jardine, Bruce Johnston and Van Dyke Parks as well as rare and previously unseen footage showing the group at home during their time in London. This is a fascinating program and MUST-HAVE for any fan of The Beach Boys!
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