Getting Closer, a documentary about megarealist painter Tjalf Sparnaay

Getting Closer, a documentary about painter Tjalf Sparnaay by Hester Hagemeijer, 2014
Full 40 minutes version in HD, English subtitled

The film tells the tale of Tjalf Sparnaay’s drive to paint and be something exceptional. Paradoxically, to do this he chooses everyday items, which have never been painted in such a megarealistic fashion.

In his studio we look over his shoulder to see how he works. In the Rijksmuseum he tells us how he has been inspired by 17th century Dutch art. We follow him at exhibits and openings in the Netherlands, but in New York as well, where he tells us about a can of Coca-Cola he found and his fascination with imperfection.

Jan Six, Ronald Plasterk and Ralph Keuning among others share their experiences.

Getting Closer brings us closer to Tjalf Sparnaay’s work, which can be found in collections over the world. He is considered one of the most influential hyperrealistic artists of the moment.
The music accompanying this documentary has been especially written and performed by Tjalf Sparnaay himself.
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