Ghosts & Witches of Olde England (FULL DOCUMENTARY)

For centuries the telling of ghost stories has been a much-loved English tradition, and it’s not only phantom specters that delight a susceptible audience. Witches, both good and evil have also been included in such terrifying tales for as long as anyone can remember. “Ghosts and Witches of Olde England” is a remarkable journey, touring around the country to explore some of the best examples of fright inducing folklore ever related. Follow in the footsteps of the great author Charles Dickens, and who can say whether his ghost will make an appearance or not. A visit to a haunted theatre comes next and the ghostly priests of a dark, sinister age in English history teach a salutary lesson to one and all. Turning modern day Witch Hunter, in search of ancient magic and mayhem, is not for the fainthearted, so be prepared for a shocking tale. And last but not least, the Celtic mysticism of Cornwall, claiming the most evil ghost in all England, makes for a fitting end to this fascinating venture into the world of the paranormal.