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A deep visual, aural exploration of Giger’s alien world.

Hans Ruedi Giger (1940-2014). Dark, primal, nightmarish, deeply disturbing but also imbued with an uncanny, ominous beauty, Giger’s amazing artwork won an Oscar for his art direction on Ridley Scott’s movie Alien (1979). In fact, his original artworks inspired and were the blueprint for the film’s Alien, without which even Ridley Scott concedes there would have been no movie.

This video is an experiment in the longer form so it’s very different from my earlier and very popular, H.R. Giger – Alien Visions video. Here I’ve tried to show a carefully selected, broader sampling of Giger’s art while giving an insight into his world and his work. The video is intended to be a Full HD visual and aural experience. A visual poem for the viewer to totally immerse themselves in with it’s recurring, morphing themes and motifs. Your comments and feedback are appreciated.

A future video will focus purely on the artwork for the Alien movie and the iconic design of the xenomorph.


Daniel Birch – Maybe Someday I’ll Wake Up

Daniel Birch – Atmosphere

Daniel Birch – Shit Happens

Daniel Birch – Reversed Crunch

Daniel Birch – Environmental Disaster Zone

Daniel Birch – Forgotten Landscape

Daniel Birch – Low Force

Daniel Birch – Set Adrift

Daniel Birch – Danger Drone

Daniel Birch – Baby Birch Heartbeat
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