John Everett Millais Painter Extraordinary

I had the greatest pleasure in assembling this extraordinary collection of paintings by John Everett Millais, one of the founder members of the PreRaphaelite Brotherhood, in 1840s England.

I call him extraordinary because he produced so many masterpieces from such a young age,( ‘Isabella’ aged 20 and ‘Mariana’ aged 21) and subsequently developed his art, over his lifetime, to produce magnificent works in later life, such as ‘Dew Drenched Furze,or, Speedwells Darling Blue, or ‘Lingering Autumn’, to name only a few outstanding paintings.

The pictures are accompanied by music from my symphonic compositions – Symphony 1 & 10 ( both tuneful and romantic works).

I have also added a small amount of narration, at the start, by way of introduction, and also, during the programme, when a particular favourite picture of mine is shown.
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