Matthew Stone “Neophyte” at THE HOLE

James Kalm has recently brought viewers along for strolls through several shows presenting works produced with a combination of photography and digital printers. In the case of Wade Guyton, his Epson UltraChrome K3 inkjet printer is his signature tool.

Matthew Stone with “Neophyte” extends this genre of trans-media “painting” by employing high end 3D software to create images that he then digitally prints onto unprimed linen. The artist makes juicy brushstrokes on glass that he photographs. Using sophisticated computer programs, Stone sculpts these plains of colored texture into classic figures, with grounds of billowing simulated paint gestures. The compositions and bodily forms echo Neo-Classical examples and the perfection of the bodies are dispelled by the illusion of their hollowness, and surfaces of broken strokes of pigment. This program was recorded May 20, 2018 on the Bowery.