Share your Gift: Enda Bardell

“It only takes one person to believe in someone.” – Enda Bardell

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Originally from Estonia, via Sweden, Enda Bardell’s first memories of art are of creating from necessity. When Enda was a young refugee in Sweden, Swedish children were not allowed to play with Estonian children and so she turned to art, creating handmade paper dolls and giving them away to build friendships and connections.

After her family immigrated to Canada, Enda was finally recognized for her talent by her elementary school teacher. This, she recalls, was the first time she felt like an artist, and since then she has continued her exploration of art through the use of watercolour and acrylic paint.

Enda participates in the Vancouver Sun’s Adopt–a–School program. Each year, she sponsors a student from her old elementary school, Admiral Seymour Elementary, who is interested in art and takes them on a shopping spree at Opus Art Supplies on Granville Island. Enda loves giving young artists who may be in situations similar to those of her own childhood the encouragement and opportunity to pursue their art.


Enda Bardell

Produced by
Opus Art Supplies

Created by
Ryan Mund
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